2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Have you been shopping online recently? It seems like every site has a banner explaining how shipping dates over the next couple months might be slower than usual. As if Covid-19 and the holidays in general aren't enough to stress us out, now we have to add shipping delays to our list of worries! If you've been thinking about what gifts you'll give to your loved ones this year, I have a few suggestions that might be helpful. With that, I'm happy to introduce you to the Wendy Cox Photography 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

1. Gift Certificate

Are there people in your family that seem to have everything and want nothing? A gift certificate might be the perfect option for those people on your list. You can purchase a gift certificate for any amount of money, from the price of a full session (can be mommy and me, daddy and me, grandparents and grandchildren, etc.) or just enough to cover a few prints of their choice. This won't take up space in the garage or on a closet shelf, and the images from the session or the prints purchased will be sure to make them smile for years to come. Send me an email today and I will get your printed gift certificate to you within 5 days. (Also great for those last minute shoppers.)

2. Double Exposure Print

I am so excited about this one! I've seen some breathtaking double exposure images and have always wanted one for myself, but didn't even know where to start in creating one. Well, I recently took a course that taught me the skills needed to make them! If you've had your photos taken with me and want me to create something similar to the image below using an image from your gallery I would be so delighted to do so! This type of double exposure works best with a portrait of a single person, and wouldn't grandma love to have a timeless photo like this of each of her grandchildren! You choose the image you want and decide on black and white or color, and leave the rest to me. Find the pricing for a printed image here.

3. Photo Album

You might have printed a few images from your photo session and put them up on your wall, but have you considered a custom photo album? This is another great gift for the grandparents, or you could give some not-so-subtle hints to your significant other that an album is on your Christmas list. I make an album for each of my children every year and all four of them LOVE to look at theirs and see how much they've grown and changed over time. Creating the photo album is simple- you choose your favorite 15-20 images from your session and I'll arrange them for you and ship the album to your home. Album covers come in a variety of colors in either leather or linen. The pages are thick and lay flat, which gives it a classy feel. More information on albums can be found on this page.

4. Time

This one has nothing to do with photography, but I believe it will make a world of difference to the ones you love. Give the gift of your time. Plan a fun outing to a place you've never been before, maybe an overnight trip to a national park or even just a few hours at a beach you've never explored. Get a pedicure together, go window shopping, hike somewhere with a beautiful view and just sit there and watch the sunset together. Find a local farmers market and taste all the fresh produce. In my experience, the most meaningful gifts are not things, they're memories.

When you really think about it, what good is a photograph is there isn't a feeling or emotion attached to it? I was looking at some old photos that my great-grandfather took back in the 1930's and 1940's, and while it was neat to know that he had taken the photos, the images I really wanted to look at were the ones with my family members in them. I wanted to see my grandma and her brothers and cousins. I wanted to be reminded of how much my grandma means to me, and of the love I felt in her presence. If we don't spend time with the people we love, the photographs won't mean all that much. Especially during this holiday season, I hope you find the time to make the memories that give photos meaning. Nurture the relationships with your family and friends. Give them your time, your attention, your love... and maybe a photo album too (wink, wink).



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