Tips for Taking Spring Photos of Your Kids

If you look out the window as you drive down the freeway in Southern California right now you'll probably notice hillsides painted with yellows, oranges, purples, and greens. This has been a beautiful Spring so far! As amazing as it is to get photos in a field of these beautiful wildflowers, I know that not everyone has time to go find an accessible field, or maybe you just don't want to brave all the bugs potentially hiding in those fields. Here is a trick to getting photos with a very Springtime feel without leaving the comfort of your home!

Ok, so you might actually have to leave your home, but just to purchase some flowers! If you're lucky enough to have some beautiful blossoms growing in your yard, by all means use those! But if not, head on down to your local Trader Joe's (or any other store where you can buy flowers). I bought this adorable little box of daffodils for less than $10.

The pre-cut bunches would also work, and those are under $2 for a bunch of 10 stems. (Thank you Trader Joe's!!!) Don't constrain yourself to daffodils though. Tulips or a bunch of wildflowers would also work for this. The trick is in the technique.

Once you have the flowers, now comes the hardest part- getting the kids to cooperate! I took these next few photos over the space of maybe 15 minutes, so don't plan on the photos taking up your whole afternoon. You can do this with a DSLR or even with your phone. The difference is in the proximity of the flowers to either your subject or the camera. If you let the kids hold the flowers right up close to their faces, it will look like the image below, with both their face and at least some of the flowers in focus.

You can get super creative here and have them hide behind the stems, just make sure that you focus right in on their eyes. Some phones do this automatically, but if not you can tap the screen to focus on the eyes. If you have a dslr, make sure you are getting close enough where the eye isn't lost in the rest of the image.

There are two ways to get the next set of images. First, you can have them hold the flowers out towards the camera. Second, you can hold the flowers close to your lens/phone as you take the photo. This will create a beautiful blurred effect that brings the viewers eye directly to the part of the image that is in focus- your little cutie pie!

And with kids, I have found that if you let them take the silly ones first then they are more likely to cooperate with you later. So you'll probably end up with a few like this...

One last quick tip- if you get the kids to sit down, it's harder for them to run away! So if you aren't having much luck getting them to cooperate while standing, try getting a blanket out. Let them sit down. Ask them questions about the flowers, the Easter Bunny, what color eggs they want to find, etc. Keep them engaged in conversation with you and they'll forget about the camera.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, but so fleeting! Before we know it the days will be long and summer will be here. Take advantage of this season and all the blossoms it provides. If you try out these tips I would love to hear how it went! Comment below with your success stories, or ask me any questions and I'm happy to answer.

Happy Snapping Mommas!



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