3 Fun Ways to Display Your Photos

As I write this, I'm watching Marie Kondo on Netflix. There's something so addicting about watching other people tidy their homes! And while I'm not one to kneel and ask my house to cooperate with me, I am all about finding what sparks joy! One of those things is photographs of people I love. And those images do absolutely zero good sitting on a hard drive collecting virtual dust! So find that folder of family photos from your session last fall and get ready to bring them into the light of day. :) The following are my top 3 fun ways to display photos in your home.

(As I was preparing to write this blog post I realized that all of my favorite ways to display photos do NOT involve frames. The idea of choosing a frame overwhelms me! There are just too many options that I like, and I have such a hard time narrowing it down. So if you're like me and suffer from frame anxiety, the following options will make you happy!)

1. Stretched Canvas

One of the reasons that I prefer a stretched canvas is because the choices are pretty limited. Do you want the image to overlap onto the sides, or do you want the sides to be black, or white? I am CLEARLY not an interior decorator, so if you promise not to laugh I will show you how I display stretched canvases in my home.

[Ya, my walls have dirty finger smudges on them. And please don't mind the toys strewn about... I have 4 kids and this is just our life right now! #momlife] Anyway, the size of these canvases are 16x20, which I love! They really make a statement. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these canvases because they are often on sale through different printing companies, and all you have to do is hang them! I update these every few years. That little chubby baby on the far right is now 3, so it might be time for an update in the near future.

I chose to use black sides on these because I didn't want to lose parts of the image being wrapped around the edges. These images are all pretty cropped in to begin with, but if you had an image that had extra space around the subject you could definitely order yours with the photo stretched over the sides instead.

2. Desktop Plaques

Once again, a frameless option with limited printing choices. I have one of these in the baby's room and I am in love with it! There is no glass involved, which makes me feel better about it as a mom, especially since it's in here with my youngest. I ordered an 8x10, but I think a smaller size would be super cute to spruce up a bookshelf or some built ins. I probably won't order anything smaller than a 5x7 though, otherwise it might get lost in with the rest of your décor.

Here's a close up to show the width, and I didn't mention yet that it comes with an attached easel-back. I love how easy this is to clean, I just wipe it off occasionally with a cloth and it looks good as new. I am also a fan of the glossy finish that makes it feel clean and gives a little shine to the room.

3. Non-traditional hanging methods

A couple years ago I picked up this hangy thing at Target in an attempt to create a "command center" on one part of the wall in my kitchen. It has hooks, where we hang the kids' backpacks (ok, to be completely honest most of the time the backpacks are in a heap on the floor of the minivan, but usually they make it onto the hooks at least once a week!) and little gold binder clips that I use to hang pictures and art work that the kids bring home from school.

In the past I have also used raffia or twine and clothespins to make a photo clothes line. What I like about these options are that it's super easy to change the photos out, so you can switch them out every week if you wanted to. You can change the pictures to match any certain theme or holiday as well. My suggestion would be to print out all of your favorite images from your last family session and have them all on hand to switch out whenever you feel so inclined.

I hope you find a way to display your photos that works for your home and your family. You can always order prints directly from your gallery on Pixieset if you had a session with me, so if you haven't done so already I encourage you put that on your to-do list! If you have another way of displaying current photos not listed here let me know- I would love to see your ideas!



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