How I Got the Shot

I thought it would be fun to do a little behind-the-scenes of sorts today. On my social media feeds and on my website I only post the best of the best from each session, but be sure that for every hand selected, meticulously edited image that I am proud of, there are a few less than ideal shots that I would be happy to hide forever. In the spirit of learning, I wanted to show you "how I got the shot."

This particular session was at Balboa Park. I won't go into all of the lighting choices and camera settings here, but I will show you all of the images leading up to the one I was looking for, and the one that you can find on my Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Funny enough, this was the first image I captured. It's good, I like it. She's looking directly at the camera and smiling- bingo!

Kinda. I personally prefer the more emotion/personality infused shots, so I knew that I couldn't stop with that first direct eye contact and winning smile combination. I was looking for something where she wasn't looking right at the camera, but where the viewer can still tell that she's smiling. I was going for joyful and natural.

This one is more "uninterested" than natural

This one is severely lacking in the "joyful"

This was an attempt to capture a good profile

Sometimes when I don't get what I was originally going for I try for something else and come back to my original plan later, which is what I did here. I asked her to look straight ahead and then I shot from the side in an effort to get a perfect profile. (I love profile shots of children! They can change so much from year to year, so I like to include them in my galleries as a way to show the baby-ness of the child's face lessening over time. The mother in me comes out a lot when my subject is a child! I know what I want to remember about my own children so I aim to capture that for my clients as well.)

This was a profile win! After getting this shot I moved back to my original goal by having her look a little more towards me.

I love this one too and it went in the final gallery...

but this one was the winner! Looking at it makes me smile too because you can see that she is kinda trying to keep her smile in, but she can't. You can feel the shyness and the innocence and her true beauty shines in this one. Those lashes, holy beautiful! When she's looking down like that they really show their true potential. The arm closest to the camera shows off her beautiful tan, and the highlights in her hair pop against that sun-kissed skin. I also love that her hair isn't perfect. There's a little wildness to it that really contrasts against the femininity of her floral dress. That's the kind of natural I love- a little imperfect but still amazingly beautiful!

I hope this helps you when you're photographing your own kids, or at least helps you appreciate the process that goes into getting a single image. It's much more than simply having a good camera. It's more than even knowing what all of the buttons do! Photography is truly an art, and I love the opportunity it gives me to express my creativity while giving you treasured images of the ones you love most.

Cheers to learning something new every day!



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