My Approach to Family Photography

Have you been shopping around for family photographers? It might seem like an overwhelming task because San Diego is pretty saturated with photographers! Not every photographer will specialize in families, and not every photographer will fit the style of photography that you're looking for, or that gels with the vibe of your family. Let me take this opportunity to explain my approach to family photography, and if you think my approach is a good fit for what you're looking for, I'd love to hear from you!

I see families through the eyes of a mother. I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom for the past 9+ years. I have four children ages 3, 5, 7, and 9, and they have shaped my approach to photography more than anything else. I sometimes feel that when they wake up in the morning, they're suddenly taller. Other times I look at them and wonder how in the world they got to looking so grown up since I last saw them two minutes ago! I feel the urgent need to capture these growing humans in the way they are just now, before they get any taller or bigger or wiser or before they lose one more tooth! For this reason, when I deliver your gallery, you can expect to see some close up detail shots of the little ones that you spend so much time and energy raising. From the curls in their hair to those gorgeous eyelashes, I love to photograph the details of the ones you love. Those details might change as they get older, but at least you'll have these photos to remind you of the way they used to look.

Another aspect of seeing families through the eyes of a mother that overflows into my photography is that as mothers we tend to be the ones behind the camera. Sure, you probably have a million selfies of you with your kids, but do you really want to hang those on your wall?? Probably not! You deserve to be IN the photo and IN the moment. Let me worry about all the technicalities of getting everyone in the frame and looking good. You worry about loving on those that you give your all for every day. Those shots of mom with her children are some of the most important to me, and you will see them in every gallery I deliver to a family. Mom is the star of the show during my family sessions.

With my family dynamic being the way it is, I am totally comfortable with chaos! Childhood is a bit chaotic. Children definitely need structure, but they also need time just to be kids. I am totally fine photographing your daughter being thrown high in the air by her dad, or your son seeing how far away he can get before you snag him. That is what it's like to have a family of young kids- a little chaotic. Sure, I appreciate a nice photo of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, but I LOVE the true to life images of your family being themselves. So I'm not going to make a child sit still and stiff on a cute chair and say cheese, but you can bet that I'm always on top of my peek-a-boo game! Children mostly just want to play, so making photos feel like a game is how I get the smiles.

To sum it up, my approach to family photography is a mom-centered, childhood focused, true representation of your family they way you are. If your kids like going barefoot, I say let them be barefoot! If your little one always has his lovey, bring the lovey! You love them the way they are, so let's capture that.



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