Why Photos on a Cloudy Day is a Good Idea

My brother in law plays this game with the kids called Good Idea/Bad Idea. Each person playing the game has to say one good idea and one bad idea. The game usually ends up with all the kids in stitches and red faced from laughter! For example: Good idea- Putting jam on your toast. Bad idea- Putting jam on your pillow.

[Insert adorable little kid belly laughs here!]

So you might think that having your photo session on a cloudy day would be under the category of bad idea, but I hope to convince you through this blog post that that might not be the case. Here are my top 3 reasons why.

Your skin will look ahhhhhmazing

An overcast sky means that the light is not coming at you from any one direct spot. Instead, the clouds act as a natural diffuser that spreads the light out evenly over the whole subject. Soft, even light is the most flattering light possible. It doesn't cast any harsh shadows or cause bright spots that make for distracting patterns on a subject, as your eye is naturally drawn to the brightest part of an image. All of this makes for beautiful portraits, especially those close up shots that I love to capture!

Your background options are endless

When the sun is out, there is a small 10-15 minute window just before, and a tiny bit after, that big orange ball dips below the horizon when the subject can face the sun and have optimum lighting. This means that your background is more limited because you can only face certain ways and not get dark shadows on your face. On a cloudy day, the way that you are facing will have less of an impact, so you can get those shots with the water behind you, the cliffs behind you, the lifeguard tower behind you, the trees behind you, or even all of the above!

Your colors can shine

Because the sky is grey and gloomy, you have the great opportunity to add some more interest to your photos with the clothing and accessories you choose. This would be the perfect time to grab a colorful necklace, scarf, belt, hat, jacket, cardigan, or your princess dress and crown! The contrast between your colorful wardrobe and the sky will be enhanced, and the eye will go right to those pops of color. So if the day of your next session comes and the sky is gloomy, grab something colorful that fits your personality and rock it!



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