Lifestyle Newborn Session

There is nothing like bringing home your first baby. Having a sweet newborn in your home is like housing a little piece of heaven. Have you ever just sat there and watched your baby sleep, and wonder at all the experiences she will have in life, and the impact she will have on the world? I love to think about the endless opportunities that await these brand new little people as they begin their journey of life. Last week I had the beautiful opportunity of visiting with a precious baby girl and her parents, and grandparents, in their home for a lifestyle newborn session. Smelling that newborn smell and looking at her tiny baby features definitely gave me baby fever!

When I first got into portrait photography I thought that taking those posed photos of newborns in adorable costumes, all bundled up in blankets and cuddled into a basket would be right up my alley. Turns out I was wrong. Over time I have realized that I prefer the natural, lifestyle feel as opposed to the posed, created images. I am drawn to more authentic images that really speak to who that person is in the moment. Here's proof that even a newborn baby can display her personality through photographs!

This baby girl is a fighter! She tried so hard to keep herself awake. You know the routine, when a baby has the heaviest eyelids that keep trying to close but keep getting opened again due to sheer determination. That was this one. She didn't want to miss a moment. When she finally succumbed to sleep she would snuggle on in and look so cozy, especially in her daddy's arms. I love how dads make a newborn look especially tiny and delicate. This photo has, "I will protect you" written all over it! The bond between a father and his daughter is something special. I have yet to find the words for it, so I'll let the photo speak for itself.

Let's not leave Mom out of the picture though! That is what I'm here for- getting all those mommas who usually TAKE the photos into the photos being TAKEN. When this baby girl grows up and looks at these images, she will know that her mom absolutely adored her. Even when the nights are long, the pile of diapers high, and the naps not long enough, mom is the one making sure everyone's needs are met. In my opinion, all that motherhood entails can be summed up into two words: LOVE and SACRIFICE. That is what I see when I look at these photos. Someone who will give so much of herself for those that she loves.

This session was extra special because we were able to get not just two, but three generations in this one! Three generations of beautiful ladies in one image makes my heart so happy- a mother looking at her daughter look at her daughter. Generational photos are some of my favorite because it is rare that a grandma, mom, and baby are in the same place at the same at the same time, and all willing to get in the photo! So I get excited when an opportunity like this presents itself.

These first few weeks are some of the most challenging as a parent. Francesca and Tom made it look so easy though. Even when their bundle of joy was less than content, they took it like champs and were pros at lulling her gently back to sleep. It was a high point of my week to spend time with this genuinely kind and welcoming family. Baby Mia is so precious. Congratulations Tom and Francesca on your miracle! Savor the newborn smell, enjoy every cuddle, and may she stay this tiny and perfect for as long as she possibly can!



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