My Babies- Part 3: Timothy

Have you ever seen those framed sayings that the home décor stores carry that say "Boy (n): a noise with dirt on it." ? I acknowledge that that description doesn't apply to every little boy, but I know a certain little boy that it fits perfectly- my Timmy. My husband and I are constantly reminding Timothy that there is no need to yell when we're standing right next to him, and please do not judge our parenting abilities by how dirty his feet always seem to be!

All jokes aside, underneath all the noises and layers of dirt is a strong and capable soul. Timothy is the oldest of four and he is shaping up to be a seriously good big brother. He made oatmeal for the whole family the other morning all by himself and it turned out great. He gets his little brother out of the crib in the morning, pumps up his own bike tires, and cleans the bathroom better than anyone in this whole house. He is a natural leader, not just at home but at school and with his friends as well. Last year he was the youngest student to ever be named "ball cart manager" in the whole history of his school. That's a big deal you guys!

It's no surprise to me that he was chosen to be ball cart manager because Timmy has been honing his ball handling skills since before he could walk, and he attended his first Aztec football game at the ripe old age of 2 months. My husband is a sports fanatic, to put it mildly, and Timothy is a chip off the old block. It's hilarious to hear their conversations at the dinner table, about what player got traded to what team, who's on the DL, or the latest Aztec football stats.

I can understand about half of what they're saying, lol!

The days when I can carry my Timmy are definitely numbered. He is almost as tall as I am (ok, so that's not saying much but still...) and he can actually pick ME up and carry me. He's 8! That should give you an idea of the rock solid muscle this kid is built out of. He isn't as squishy and soft as he was as a baby, but he still asks me to cuddle with him to go to bed at night, and he still makes his way to my side of the bed in the middle of the night and steals my covers in his sleep. I'll take advantage of every last cuddle I can get from this growing boy that used to be my precious, tiny baby.

Here are a recent favorite of me and Timmy (please pay no attention to my crazy hair- I'm just glad I got in the photo!), and some photos of him that make my heart melt because they bring out the true essence of the Timmy that I love.

If you missed the posts about his siblings, click here or here to read about them, or follow along with me on Instagram and you'll see more of these crazies!



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