Marian Bear Family Session

I must be sending out vibes that attract families with boys lately, because the last four family sessions I've done have all had little boys and no girls. I suppose that is fitting though because I am a mother of 3 boys, so I've been totally in my element :) This family session at Marian Bear Memorial Park was with a beautiful mom, dad and twin 2 year-old boys. These darling boys have the most perfect curls that give me total hair envy!

Aren't their golden locks to die for??!!

In my correspondence with their mother before the session, she let me know that one specific shot she wanted during the session was of her holding both of the boys. The purpose of the shot was to see how big they've gotten, especially in relation to her size.

I am so glad she wanted this shot because I don't know how many more years she will be able to hold both of them at the same time! Can you imagine trying to hold one six year-old in each arm? It's not completely impossible, but I don't think even this super momma could handle it for an extended amount of time. They sure do love her though! Those double hugs are sweet beyond belief.

Brandie and Ryan, I don't know how you do it! Your boys have endless energy, and I am sure your list of things to do every day is a mile long with work, school, church responsibilities and life in general. With all of those things on your plate, you still found a way to instill a gentleness in your boys that is going to serve them well in life. They are best buddies and it was fun for me to watch them interact with each other. I won't be surprised if the biggest problem you ever have with these two sweetie pies is telling them apart!



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