Extended Family Session- CA and UT

I feel so blessed to have been born into an amazing extended family. Growing up, my cousins and I had so much fun together swinging in the hammock or playing "squirrels" in Grandma's front yard. And even now that we're grown and most of us have families of our own, we still LOVE to get together as much as we possibly can. Some of my favorite moments from this past summer have been spent poolside at my cousin's home. When my aunt asked if I could take their family photos you better believe I jumped on that opportunity- but it gets even better!

Part of the family lives out of state and wouldn't be in town when the others were available, so my aunt generously offered to fly me out to Utah and take photos of the rest of the family another time. We met up for the photo session with everyone in California one day, and with the Utah part of the family a few weeks later.

As I look back on the photos from these two sessions, I can still see the same features in my cousins that I remember from when they were small enough to wear footie pajamas. I see the stories of chocolate snatched from stockings, tiny pinches taken out of the pan [for you non-Spanish speakers, pan is the Spanish word for bread] and sleeping 10 to a room at Grandma's house in the heat of a San Fernando Valley summer. I can hear the stifled giggles coming from the "green room" because we were supposed to be asleep hours ago. Those were the best times!

To the whole Sperry clan, originals and new additions, I hope we have many more lazy summer days together making these kinds of memories. It is an honor to capture these moments in time for your family. I can't wait to all get together again- you bring the pan and I'll grab a couple gallons of milk and the dunking cups :)

xoxo, Wendy

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