School Pictures

Oh school pictures! Those terribly uncomfortable moments when you are forced to smile at a person you have never met. The "stand on the X and tilt your head this way" moments that more often than not end up in a hilarious misrepresentation of who we really are. I am actually all for taking and ordering school pictures. I believe that years down the road you might find your first grade school picture and it will cause you to laugh harder than you have laughed in a long time. And I am always an advocate of laughter, so I say order those school pictures! But if you're looking for a true representation of who your children are, and you want a photograph that captures their personality and not just how many teeth they were missing at the time, then I'm your girl!

This was the situation that led to my meeting up with this dear family with four beautiful children. I can totally relate to this momma as she has three boys and one girl, the same situation that I find myself in. Our children are similar ages too, so being with them made me feel right at home.  Some of their school pictures had turned out less than ideal, so we were determined to get some genuine smiles for mom to frame and hang on the wall.  I was so impressed with how well everyone worked together to accomplish our goal. The kids knew just what silly songs to sing that would make their siblings laugh, and they were all great helpers.

Before the session was over we wanted to capture a few moments of all four siblings together, and this is where the personalities really came out! The adorable littlest and only sister had the perfect twirling skirt on and she used it to its full advantage. Her two oldest brothers wrapped the younger two in their arms and made my job so easy by simultaneously showing off their winning smiles. They jumped, the twirled, they laughed, they smiled- and most importantly they were themselves. 

The moral of this blog post is this- there is a time and a place for the traditional school photo. If you are one of the lucky few that smiled happily instead of stifled a laugh when your child handed you that envelope of prints,  frame that photo! If you're like me and your child looks so stiff and uncomfortable in those photos, order them still just for the fun of it. But then shoot me an email and we will get you that signature smile, the one you know and love. The one that makes all of the hard work you do as a mother worth it.

xoxo, Wendy

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