Family Session at Placerita Canyon

Someone recently asked me what my ideal type of photography to specialize in would be (family, weddings, event, sports, etc). Without hesitation, I knew that it would definitely be families, especially those with young children. I love the energy that children bring. I love the uniqueness of each family. I love capturing precious connections between family members, and I walk away from every family session feeling so fulfilled. I love serving families by doing something for them that they can’t do for themselves. Maybe that’s why this family session at Placerita Canyon Nature Center in Santa Clarita last Friday was the perfect end to my work week!

The family got out of the car and immediately I started swooning over the tiny, adorable, pink shoes baby Penny was wearing and the stinkin’ cute vest her big brother sported. It’s no wonder they were dressed so adorably, their mother is a photographer herself and hit the nail on the head with everyone’s outfits! In addition to being perfectly coordinated, not a hair was out of place on this family of four. The cherry on top of the whole session was the dispersion of those grey clouds that revealed some beautiful, golden, fall afternoon sunshine. Conditions were ideal in every sense of the word.

The remainder of the session was a combination of energetic cuteness and sweet, bonding moments between family members. Only a small amount of tears were shed when big brother decided he was done supporting baby sister but she wasn’t quite ready to be let go of! And you better believe that sibling moment was captured, because I shoot with the philosophy that not every photograph is meant for the wall. You will love some moments not because everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, but because the way your loved ones are interacting is SO indicative of the way they feel about each other that it speaks to your heart. I believe that those moments are important- for the family now, for the family years from now, and for the future family members that will learn about their predecessors through those photos.

Seana and Isaac, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your adorable littles. You may not know this, but you were my very first paying customers! I genuinely appreciate your loyalty these past three years. It has been my pleasure watching your family grow this far, and I hope we have many more of these "ideal" sessions in the years to come.

xoxo, Wendy

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