SDSU family session

When I arrived at Scripps Cottage on SDSU's campus tons of college memories came flooding back- eating granola bars as I rushed to make it to class at 7, cramming for midterms, and late nights at the Love Library. It feels like a hundred years have passed since then! No doubt the momma of the family walking towards me for a photo session with her family was having similar flashbacks, and as a mother of three she probably felt just as removed from the college scene as I did.

The family of five was holding hands- so sweet! But that was just the beginning. You should have seen the way the oldest brother watched out for his two little sisters. It made me wish for a split second that I had an older brother growing up. And the way those girls looked at their daddy, oh my goodness, they are clearly smitten! This family was like a walking success story. I wish the kids populating campus could have put down their smartphones for a minute and realized what a gem was in their midst.

As much as I enjoyed this family as a whole, I don’t believe this blog post would be complete without sharing an impression about its matriarch that hasn’t left me since the day of this session. I walked back to my car that afternoon in complete awe. I wasn’t awed by the gorgeous light, the colors in the sunset, or the beauty in our surroundings. What stopped me in my tracks was the incredible strength contained in one woman. Janelle, I won’t pretend to know how you so gracefully face life and the curveballs it throws your way, but I hope you know that you are a light wherever you go. As an outsider looking in, the adoration your husband and children have for you is so apparent. The strength I see in you gives me the courage to face my life and my struggles with greater determination to overcome. I am so glad that we ended up in the same pew over ten years ago so that on this day I could have living proof of how strong a mother can be. Serving your family has been such a blessing to me. Stay strong!

xoxo, Wendy

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