Family Session at Crystal Pier

Growing up with four sisters was a blessing that I am grateful for every day. Our family had its fair share of trying times, and I have learned so much from those experiences. When our parents divorced and were living in different states, I spent the first year after the divorce with my dad and my sister Emily. I was in those tumultuous junior high years. For the next three years one of the only constants in my life was Emily. We moved from parent to parent together, took road trips together, spent late nights watching movies together. From that time on, and even to this very day, I have looked up to her in so many ways. She is now married with three daughters of her own (I might be jealous that she got all the girls!) but I find that she’s the one I end up going “out on the town” with (ok, so maybe we just go out and get shakes, but that doesn’t sound quite as exciting) more than anyone else, even though we live in different states.

To say that it was a pleasure for me to participate in this family session at Crystal Pier with my sister and her family is an understatement! Photography is a labor of love for me. I sometimes take photos for events, and do the occasional styled shoot to practice new skills, but my heart isn’t in those. My heart is in creating something personally meaningful to those I photograph. And what is more meaningful than our own families?

Em, for all those times you had to pick me up from soccer practice, drive me to and from school, proof read my college application essays, and for being an unfailing source of strength in my life, THANK YOU! I hope these photographs demonstrate a tiny sliver of how much I love you and your sweet family.



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