Tourmaline Beach Family Session

It rarely rains in San Diego. The rainfall here is so little that the government will pay you to take out your lawn and replace it with “water wise” landscaping. So when I woke up on Friday morning to puddles in the street and dark, heavy clouds overhead, my first thought was, “Not on the day of a beach session!” I watched the clouds all day long and prayed over and over again that at 5:15 that evening the clouds would part and the sun would peek through, even for only a few minutes, so this darling family visiting from out of state could get a beautiful sunset backdrop for their photos. As is so often the case in life, our loving Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayers. The sunset was magnificent! I pulled up to this Tourmaline Beach family session with my sunglasses on because the sun was out in all its glory!

It’s so fitting that the rays of sun did end up shining through the clouds, because this family is like its own ray of sunshine! They bounded out of the car and down onto the beach with an energy that only children seem to have. I didn’t even try to contain the smile that seeing them brought to my face! An oldest daughter, then two boys, and another little girl- each one so excited to be at the seashore, and each one so perfectly carefree.

Life can seem so complicated at times, but as I was there at the beach with the salty air blowing through my hair and the unusually warm water coming and going against my toes, there was a moment when I was able to stop and see the world through newer eyes. Eyes that find excitement in even the smallest things, and eyes that are filled with wonder. Peter and Deborah, thank you so much for the opportunity to remember why the Savior asks us to be childlike. It’s obvious that you have taught your children well, as they were so kind and thoughtful of each other and so eager to please. They are the picture of innocence. I hope that as you look at these photos you remember how the world looks through their eyes, and that you see how much they look up to you and love you. Safe travels back home, and please come again when you hear the ocean calling!



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