Sunset Cliffs Family Session

Nine years ago my responsibility at church was to teach a class of seven year-olds in Sunday school. Assigned to teach with me was someone I had never met before, and at the time I had no idea that this would be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. This week I had the honor of spending time with that dear friend, and her now family of four, and capturing some memories for them. Two words come to mind when I think of how to describe this family: selfless service.

No one will ever know the number of cookies left on doorsteps anonymously, or the miles put on Kyle's truck hauling things for other people, but I think the smiles on their faces are a testimony that serving other brings happiness. I guarantee you there are that hundreds of small acts of service performed by this family that I don't even know about. Leann has a sixth sense for knowing when someone needs a little extra love, and she knows just the right way to show it. I've seen this talent developing in these two sweet girls, who ask if they can bring something to a neighbor who is going through a hard time.

But lest you think all of their beauty is contained on the inside, take a look at these gorgeous curls, to die for lashes and AMAZING brown eyes! I still can't get over how perfectly happy their smiles make me feel. Leann and Kyle, you should be so proud of the family you have

created. Your girls are the picture of kindness, all thanks to the examples they have in the two of you. Thank you for being the ones there when David and I needed the truck, a word of encouragement, or a plate of treats. This world is a much better place beacause you are in it!

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