5 Tips on What to Wear for Family Photos

As the season for family photos is upon us, I thought I would gear this blog post to all the mommas/parents out there who are agonizing over which pants, shoes, shirts, skirts, etc. to dress the family in for photos this year. Because let me tell you, with four little ones under the age of 9, I have done my fair share of stressing about how to get everyone in something that will look cohesive while not causing tears! Here is a list of my top 5 tips on what to wear for family photos:

1. Choose Mom's outfit first

As mothers, it is so easy for us to find the most adorable outfits for the little ones to wear, spend time ironing our husband's pants and shirts, even buy him new socks without holes in them to wear for photos, and create the perfect fishtail braids for our daughters, and as we're putting on the bow ties asking, "What am I going to wear?" PLEASE use family photos as an opportunity to take a little (much needed) time for yourself. Choose your outfit carefully first, and then build everyone else's around what you choose for yourself. You sacrifice a lot for your family. Motherhood is not a glamorous job, with dirty diapers and piles of endless dishes, so take this opportunity to find the glam in being a mom. So put yourself first for once, and decide on what you will wear before moving on to anyone else in the family. You'll love the way you look, and every time you walk past that family photo hanging in your living room you'll be glad you took my advice on this one!

2. Wear something that makes you feel good

You know that dress that you always get so many compliments on? Or the shirt that you tried on last week from your favorite store that really brought out the blue in your eyes? Wear that! How you feel has a definite impact on how your photos will turn out. The confidence from wearing something that you feel great in will shine through in your photos, so find that piece and build the whole family's wardrobe around it.

3. Stick to no more than 3 colors, and let at least one of those be neutral

The presence of too many bold colors in a photograph can be confusing for the eye. Start with a color from your "feel good" item of clothing (from tip 2) and go from there. Make sure at least one of your colors is neutral, and feel free to use different shades of the same color to prevent the photo from looking too "matchy" and instead more coordinated. Some of my favorite color combinations are grey-navy-yellow, burgundy-off white-pink, and turquoise-pink-white.

4. Use texture to your advantage

Some materials photograph better than others, so incorporating the following into your outfits will create visual interest: wool, lace, chiffon, tulle, tweed, and leather. (I have been known to purchase an innumerable amount of sweaters with leather elbow patches for my boys even though we live in San Diego and don't have much use for them, other than photos!) In addition to elbow patches, large buttons, ruffles, collars, pocket squares if you're getting fancy or rolled up sleeves if you're trying to make it a little more casual, are all parts of an outfit that can add texture.

5. Accessorize

One great way to bring small pops of color into your photos is through accessories. This can be in the form of hats, shoes, scarves, jackets, vests, necklaces, earrings, bow ties, hair bows, etc. Accessories are also a fun way to change the look of your photos during a single session. Start with your cardigan on, and take it off half way through to mix up your look. Pieces like a hat or a jacket can be fun to use for a prop as well. I love the sports coat look for guys, and there isn't much cuter than a little man in a newsboy hat!

I hope you find these tips helpful, and I want to leave you with one last thought. While what you wear does make a difference in a photograph, the most important part is not what you look like as a family. It's about how you feel about each other and the lasting relationships you create day by day, week by week, year by year. So dress your cuties up and let's capture those relationships!




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